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Software that helps you make the most of your Mazak investment

The choices of software supporting Mazak machines, particularly if you wish take advantage of Mazatrol, are limited in comparison to those servicing G-code machines. However, there still are a variety of products available to enhance your productivity. 


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CIMCO DNC-Max is a very flexible data storage and retrieval solution whether you have 1 or a hundred Mazaks you wish to transfer programs to.  DNC-Max can automatically name files either the worknumber or program name as they are sent to the PC via RS232 or Ethernet.  Programs can be requested from your Mazak control and all Mazak controls are supported by this DNC software.  A 30 day trial is available so you can make sure it works and you like it.  


Solutionware Data Transfer  

This DNC product can upload and download programs from all of your Mazak machines. Matrix network transfers as well as serial (RS232) transfer is supported. Also included are a few different file/folder managers making finding the program you need simple. This is one of the more expensive options if all you need is data storage and retrieval.


Griffo Brothers DataTransfer 

Griffo Brothers was one of the first to support Mazatrol file transfers.  They currently support Mazatrol in the fusion disk format as well as the original serial CMT format.  The DataTransfer software comes with a file manager.  Again, this is one of the more costly options.


Mazak Transfer

More expensive than CIMCO, but slightly less than Griffo or Solutionware, this product provides nothing of value that you cant find elsewhere.  Designed to work with one machine at a time, this is a VERY basic DNC program. 





CIMCO Edit is the only viewer I know of on the market today.  It is a newer offering and currently supports both turning and milling machines.  The cost of the CIMCO viewer and DNC software is the same or less than some of the communication offerings making it a great deal even if some controls (Matrix MT for one) are not yet supported.  Fortunately, this also is available for a 30 day free demo, so you can try it out and see if it fits your requirements.

MazakCAM Editor

Mazatrol Editor that looks and acts just like the control. Includes communications, conversion between different control types, a very basic plot of the part and printing.  An add on is available that provides better graphics/toolpath and cycle times.  Base package is less expensive than Griffo's Editor and provides support for all Mazak controls. Pros: price, supports all controls, good tech support, better conversion to Matrix Cons:  graphics capability without add on, no macro capability


Griffo DataEntry

Mazatrol Editor that looks and acts just like the control.  Sold in modules (lathe, mill, mill/turn, etc) and can get quite pricey.  Nice graphics but if this isn't important to you MazaCAM can be quite a bit less expensive.  Pros: graphics, macro capability Cons: Price, produces several annoying 4 character extensions that can make file management difficult, harder to customize or integrate with DNC systems.


It seems both of these products get the job done.  When asking people who have both products which they prefer, it seems to be about an even split, usually with the user preferring which ever one they learned first.


This CAD/CAM package has the unique ability to post either Mazatrol or G-code parts from DXF or IGES files.  Support for all Mazatrol controls is built in to the product and configurable G-code post processors are built into the product.



PowerCAM is a SolidWorks plug-in that auto-programs parts and outputs Mazatrol or G-code program.   Although this can give you Mazatrol programs unbelievably quickly, the program may not be exactly the way the programmer would have done it by hand.   Consensus is that this software is still a huge time saver since it is so easy to quickly edit the Mazatrol program in an editor once all the geometry is available.   Works for all Mazak Controls. 



MatrixCAM from Mazak is a product able to program Matrix controls only.  The product is able to import DXF, IGES or DWG files.  This product has a few large limitations; it only supports Matrix controls; a PCI card must be installed in the  PC the software will run on, leaving out laptop computers; and the technical support has been reported to be very limited and slow.



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